​Today, people are looking for new ways to earn a little extra money. Working from home has become more popular, and made a lot easier.

With marketing and affiliate programs, it’s possible for people to earn an extra income without needing a higher education.

Many brands use ordinary people to advertise their products or services. They do this through affiliate programs.

TVC Marketing is no different. Becoming an associate for TVC has many promised benefits and earnings. But should you trust them? Is this company still active?

In recent years, TVC has seen a lot of controversy. Because of this, it actually suffered a massive decrease in visiting traffic since September 2017. What caused the sudden decrease?

Upon inspection, we couldn’t find an accessible website. Given we can’t gather anything from the company itself, we’re left to various other reports.

Based on what we did find, let’s take a look now at what TVC claims to be, how it functions and what the controversy is all about.

What Is TVC Marketing?

tvc marketing

TVC Marketing is a multi-level-marketing company and affiliate network, which specializes in trucking services. Anyone who would like to join can sign up and become an associate. However, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Have you tried to search for TVC on the internet recently? Aside from the fact that there are currently no working websites, you might find that the words “pyramid scheme” pop up.

The scheme involves participants hiring—or enrolling—others into the scheme with a promise of attractive payment. As the pyramid grows, it becomes close to impossible for the new recruits to make any profit—while the people at the top of the pyramid gain.

So, why is TVC so heavily criticized? It might be because the people higher up in the company earn quite a lot more than the employees.

You may be a hard-working trucker or a stay-at-home mom. No matter your current job, you all share the same goal, which is to earn extra income.

With further investigation, we found that the controversy and criticisms surrounding TVC are not without merit.

What Happened to TVC?

When trying to enter the official TVC Marketing websites, all you receive is an error screen. How come?

While searching for further information, we uncovered this:

  • In 2014, TVC decided to cancel its share trading on AOL Instant Messenger and Enterprise Securities Market.
  • The company made a capital distribution to all shareholders.
  • All shareholders received this through redeemable shares.
  • The total redemption payment was $100.4 million.

Founders and Operators

TVC Marketing was founded by Virgil Coffee. He is also known for creating other companies, such as Traveler’s Motor Club and Prepaid Legal Service.

Listed as the CEO is Steve Hanebaum. Kent Melton is named as the executive vice president and chief financial officer. Often seen in videos explaining TVC Marketing, is, David Kircher, the chief operating officer.

TVC Marketing Services

Starting 28 years ago, TVC Marketing is a trucking service and advertising program that uses independent sales affiliates to sell its services.

Keep in mind that as far we know, these services are not currently running but let’s have a look at what they claim to be.

TVC Marketing supposedly offers two service categories. One is TVC Pro Driver, and the other is Motor Club Of America, MCA.

Both categories provide truck drivers with personal and professional services. The services are created to insure the workers and protect the continuation of their work. 

TVC Pro Driver

Sufficient information about TVC Pro Driver is not available aside from this:

TVC Pro Driver allegedly:

  • Provides legal services to truck drivers.
  • Offers financial benefits if accidents were to happen.
  • Claims to be able to dismiss any tickets received while working.
  • Provides the correct legal action, consultation, and lawyers at affordable prices.

Motor Club of America

MCA provides truck drivers with insurance and aid when working. Here are their claims:

  • 24/7 aid, unlimited roadside assistance.
  • Legal and medical aid.
  • $500 allowance for food, accommodations, and other necessities the drivers may need when working.

If you want to become a member of Motor Club of America, you will supposedly have to purchase one of three packages: MCA Security Motor Club, MCA Security Plus, or MCA Total Security. These are set at different prices, depending on your preferred benefits.

As soon as you sign up, you will become an active member of MCA. A card will be mailed to you within 7–10 business days. It's important you keep this card with you whenever you're driving.

The Security Motor Club is the cheapest of the three. You will receive 24-hour roadside assistance with incidents such as flat tires, jump starts, lockouts, and towing.

MCA also claims to pay up to $2,000 of legal defense, such as paying an attorney. Additionally, it offers arrest-bond protection and bail-bond protection.

As mentioned above, it's crucial to keep the card close at hand. If you're pulled over by police, the card can be used as a $500 bond.

MCA claims to cover 10 percent of a single bail bond, up to $25,000. You can also receive a $500 stipend for car rental coverage, $1,000 in credit card protection, and a $5,000 stolen car reward.

It also offers medical insurance. Everything will be covered if you have to go to the emergency room. Also, MCA provides a $10,000 accidental death insurance policy.

The MCA Security Plus plan includes the benefits mentioned above. But, it also offers unlimited towing and worldwide assistance. Worldwide assistance includes benefits such as medical evacuation, return of remains, hospital visits and more.

MCA Total Security package will not only cover everything above but will tow your vehicle for up to 100 miles. It also provides accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

The good thing about this package is that it not only benefits you, it can also help your family. With this plan, you get to choose between three benefit packages:

  • $50,000 worth of individual coverage
  • $25,000 each, for you and your spouse
  • $30,000 for you, $15,000 for your spouse and $3,500 for each child

If you feel you can benefit from purchasing the largest plan, then do it. But if it's not necessary, you are better off saving your money.

TVC Marketing Affiliates

girl using a laptop

While this arm appears to be inactive, we did find some dated details about the reported program. When you become a member of TVC Marketing, you can also sign up to become an affiliate, or ‘associate’ as they described it.

Just like any other affiliate program, you receive customized links that you can then share in order to increase your income. Every time someone purchases a service provided by TVC through that link, you supposedly earn a small commission.

You can also earn additional income by building a team of associates. Many of the TVC affiliates in the past chose to share their links on social media, inviting as many people as possible to join.

TVC reportedly promised a commission of $80–$90 for each member that signs up. Based on what we read though, this has been marked as a scam by many.

Personal Group Volume Points

As you refer new associates to TVC Marketing, you receive PGV points. These points are supposedly what make you grow within the TVC Marketing business.

As you collect more points, you become eligible to receive a higher commission, with a chance of being promoted. The PGV points are allegedly easy to collect. By being an active member, you could earn six PGVs a month.

Whenever a first-level associate on your team collects 36 PGVs or more in a month, you would apparently receive six points as well.

Is It Worth It?

Sounds too good to be true? Might be.

Doing your everyday job while earning a little extra cash is a dream of many. But is TVC Marketing the right place to start? Unsure of whether or not the company is still active, we couldn’t help but create a pros and cons list:


  • You can potentially earn an extra income
  • Get a chance to create your own team of associates.
  • You will profit from all active members of your team.
  • You can work whenever and wherever you want.


  • Requires a substantial amount of free time.
  • If you want to be successful, you have to invest a small amount of money.
  • Takes a lot of promoting and marketing knowledge to succeed.
  • You may not earn as much as you were hoping.

Is TVC Marketing a Scam?

Branding something as a scam is a hard thing to do. It depends on many factors and it’s important to look out for the red flags of course. TVC has a few of them.

Sudden Decrease in Popularity

TVC Marketing was a worldwide, semi-popular domain. But in recent years, it faced quite a lot of scam claims. These came from former employees, associates, and customers. Since September 2017, its monthly visiting traffic dropped by 50 percent. And its websites have since closed down.

A Promise of Big Money

We have all seen those Facebook posts with people saying they earn $500–$1,000 from home. Sounds great. Easy money right in your pocket. But is it really so? It may have been, but not any more. After the company sold all its shares, that’s not a possibility.

But here’s what it originally promised. TVC Marketing promised its members a nice commission every time someone signed up for your team. But it didn’t come so easy. You would have to retain your sign-ups for 17 months or more in order to receive the $80.

This may be where the biggest scam was. The promise of a large earning. Of course, the people who advertise it make it sound so easy.

The fact of the matter is that no one from TVC seemed to be honest in regards to workload and payoff. So, the most significant problem they have is an overarching misrepresentation of the company.

Are the Services Legit?

Supposedly, a lot of truckers benefited from the Pro Driver and MCA memberships. There doesn't seem to be much trouble there.

You can still find TVC Marketing listed on the Better Business Bureau website. It has a few reviews, mostly good and it seems TVC resolved any complaints with ease.

TVC Marketing had a very active Facebook page where it would quickly answer any questions, but this appears to be shut down as well.

Earning Income Through Affiliate Work

Earning Income

The key to affiliate success is building a trusted following.

On YouTube, you can find recent videos of MCA promoters driving around in expensive cars, flashing the money they claim to earn daily.

But the individuals who supposedly earned the most money from TVC, were people who had created a large team of trained associates.

How were they trained? Well, that would be the affiliate’s job. Whether for TVC or any other affiliate program. Affiliates are responsible for the training of their sign-ups.

It's crucial the sign-ups are trained properly and that they receive the right tools, if the affiliate wants to keep them on board. After all, the affiliate will not succeed without a team doing the bulk of the work.

You can do this in several ways. A good idea is to create a website where you explain how to promote the company in a positive light. As for TVC though, it seems that’s not possible any more.

Summing It Up

TVC Marketing is a company that claims to provide services and insurance to truck drivers. It does this through two lines—TVC Pro Driver and Motor Club of America.

A lot of controversy has been circling TVC, though. As we’ve explained, its current standing is rather vague.

Aside from that, its legitimacy in the past was once valid—even though it came with its fair share of criticisms and questions.

Whether its services are still available, well, it’s hard to tell.

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