AgentMarketing Review

agentmarketing review

In the world of real estate, it's essential that agents stand out from the crowd. Why should the new couple buy their first house from you?

The real-estate business is a vast ocean of retailers and agents, all offering competitive prices and promising impressive homes. The key to seizing the attention of new home-buyers is a smart marketing strategy.

Whether your company is old to the game or just starting out, a clever marketing plan is crucial for business to progress.

The traditional way of promoting yourself as a real-estate agent was to get your face on the bus-stop bench. Or your company name on the largest poster along the highway or interstate.

But as time goes by, the way people react to marketing has changed. Consumers are accustomed to the random posters promising us the best deal for the perfect home. We're so used to it that we tune it out and instead, look in other places.

So what can you do to get your company out there where buyers will notice it? AgentMarketing is one way to go. This company focuses on property marketing but also promotes your brand as a whole.

Let's take a closer look at AgentMarketing and hopefully gain a better understanding of the company and what it’s all about.

What Is Agent Marketing?

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AgentMarketing is a marketing service that focuses on companies within the real- estate business. It is a one-stop shop for all things real estate.

It provides services for larger companies as well as small business owners. This company will supposedly save you money and time by providing you with everything you need, all within one site.

What Does AgentMarketing Focus On?

AgentMarketing provides its clients with a full-board marketing service. All from improving their website to making sure the people behind it have the tools to continue their work.

The company seems to be as diverse as the clients it serves. The firm looks further beneath the surface to provide its customers with a long-term plan that can help direct their agency in the future.

It furnishes clients with the tools needed to maintain connections and retain resources, in order for them to remain as successful, self-sustained brokers.

AgentMarketing centers its marketing strategies around the needs of the client, while enhancing the market's niche in order to develop a unique image.

It claims to base its strategies on proven evidence of profit. For example, creating individual web designs to attract more visitors. It claims that these ideas are innovative and original.

AgentMarketing Services

AgentMarketing focuses its services on three levels—personal marketing, property marketing, and lead generation (identifying potential customers).

The company will provide a personalized website designed specifically for your needs. It will help you launch your property site, or give you some assistance in getting your name out there.

Even if you can't get your web page linked onto Google Maps, AgentMarketing claims it can also help with the simple tasks, and much more.

Personal Marketing

AgentMarketing's personal marketing feature is here to help establish and enhance the message of your specific niche. It aims to place your brand in the spotlight within your particular market.

One feature is a personalized online site and URL that works to promote your company. By creating a 'pURL', or personal website, you can direct your page in the right direction.

A pURL is basically a customized website which presents all your features as a broker. It’s meant to showcase a little about you and what you can bring to the table.

This is one of the new tools that the company recommends every real-estate agent should use, as it runs almost completely on autopilot. Generating click after click from potential new customers.

According to AgentMarketing, establishing a unique look for your brand is where you'll generate the most profit. The company will rejuvenate your website's look to fit today's trends. All from a customized template to a one-of-a-kind menu feature.

It stresses the importance of including a biography to connect with your potential clients on another level. This is also to display your talents and the areas you thrive in.

Property Marketing

Property Marketing is all about promoting that specific house or apartment that you're trying to sell. AgentMarketing cares about creating an eye-catching listing, full of the properties you wish to display.

Or you can also choose to feature one particular state. AgentMarketing recommends that to avoid your listing being lost in the shuffle, it's better to create one irresistible site—specifically for that property.

To ensure your listing reaches the far ends of your state, you can utilize the Facebook app. This will reportedly help you generate more clicks, even if people only visit your social media pages. With just one click, it will take them straight to your property.

Other features include attention-grabbing videos and displays. Plus an open-house calendar where your potential client can know right away when the event is taking place.

This will likely save you, and the curious buyer, time. In this day and age, everyone can appreciate such a feature.

Lead Generation

AgentMarketing created Lead Generation to help you increase the number of new leads. But it also works to strengthen existing ones.

In real estate, leads are what keep an agent going. These can include potential customers or previous ones, who may make a recommendation on your behalf.

AgentMarketing feels it's vital to keep the connections open. By establishing a solid contact list where no number or email gets lost, it ensures a sustainable success.

This arm has a few, different useful tools. One, for example, is a 'lead log' where everything is saved. So if one day you accidentally delete some important information about a lead, it will be safe and sound.

Another feature is a 'drip campaign' which enables you to create email campaigns and send it to multiple leads in less time. But this is can all be tricky to manage if you're not sure whether it's working or not.

However, with yet another useful feature you can keep track of clicks, thus your progress.This means you’ll be able to see which campaigns generated the most success and which fell through.

With this feature, AgentMarketing enables you to discover the errors and adjust them in time. While the visitor is on your site, this feature will also allow you to see which properties a buyer is viewing.

Included is an integrated like and dislike button, where your guests can add a favorite or block it so it won’t be presented again. This will help you, as a realtor, keep track of which properties are attractive and those that did not meet the liking of the customer.

About AgentMarketing

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There is no doubt that AgentMarketing provides a full service with all of its useful features and tools. Let us get a closer glimpse at the company, its history and how to use its site.


AgentMarketing is a very modest company. Established back in 2002 in Aliso Viejo, California, it now has around 15 employees.

When the company first came on the market, it was known as ePropertySites. In 2012, the name changed to AgentMarketing.

The founders of the company were a young, struggling couple. One a computer programmer and the other an aspiring real-estate agent.

To establish a stronghold within the real-estate business, they decided to utilize the internet. By creating unique websites for the individual properties, they gained a more substantial following.

Soon the idea came to mind to create a space where they could provide assistance to other struggling brokers. This eventually led to the birth of their first website, ePropertySites.

ePropertySites was, for obvious reasons, less evolved in terms of technology. This is mostly because it came about when internet programming was still in its early stages.

Once technology caught up, AgentMarketing was established. Today it brings in about $4.9 million in annual income. This is very impressive, seeing how small the company is.

How to Use Agent Marketing

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The AgentMarketing website seems to be very easy to use. It provides you with all the information needed. You can read about the different tools and how they can help your brand. Furthermore, it offers extra support when necessary.

The website also features a live chat component. Here you are able to message back and forth with an employee who can help you through almost any issue.

This, in particular, stands out as a key feature, given the standard wait times one may encounter otherwise with customer service representatives. In order to use this service, it does require that you first sign your company up for its site.

When you become a member, you can begin choosing what features are needed for your company or brand. Each of the features mentioned above come at a price, but it does also offer complete packages to simplify things a bit.

You will later apply the information needed about yourself and the market you want to target. Employees at AgentMarketing will then get started on creating your personalized page.

The team is composed of programmers, sales associates, training lead experts and more. Suffice it to say, they have you covered.

This means that you, as a potential customer, can receive an in-depth look at everything AgentMarketing has to offer. But it also makes it easier to choose whether this is the help you need to boost your real-estate website.

Pros and Cons of AgentMarketing


  • At first glance, AgentMarketing seems to be a near-perfect company. It wasn't easy digging up negative reviews.
  • Most customers stated that they were quite pleased with the services provided. Many write that every tool you need is in one place with easy access—making the process user-friendly and straightforward.
  • Several reviews praised the customer service team, stating that they usually respond quickly and provide helpful information.
  • Many praised the outcome of their websites and the boost in marketing the company has provided. It's clear when reading the reviews that this site has hit the nail on the head. Or has it?


  • We did find a few negatives which seem to slightly contradict the more positive reports. A few write that they were unable to unsubscribe from the website.
  • One wrote that the company continues to spam the email used to subscribe and it's almost impossible to stop it.
  • Another alleges that the site locked and cancelled the individual’s account. The reviewer was allegedly charged for something they did not want or could not use. After refusing to pay, everything was locked.
  • The unhappy customer supposedly received an email from AgentMarketing stating that the person was ungrateful for the service.

Summing It Up

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The broker industry is all about building a unique image which sets you and your company apart from the rest. This is, however, not as easy as it may seem.

With a strong team of professionals in tow, AgentMarketing has, with a doubt, brought very useful features to the real-estate table—and all in one place.

It provides its subscribers with personal marketing features, single property pages and a tool to keep your leads close at hand. Many do appear to be quite satisfied with its services.

But there are also the ones who claim they had bad experiences. Even though it's only a few negatives, it's essential that AgentMarketing takes them to heart. To achieve success, these little errors should be corrected.

When a buyer complains about bad responses from customer service, it can scare other potential clients away. It's also clear that it still requires some fine improvements when it comes to the subscription model. No one wants to feel trapped.

To conclude all of this, it is clear that AgentMarketing does have many things going for it. The personal history behind the company is inspiring to read. Hopefully, the mistakes will be corrected, and the company can reap its success.

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