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allied integrated marketing

The entertainment industry is full of actors, singers, directors, and producers—where many times, a good movie or brand speaks for itself.

In order to reach as many people as possible, it's vital to enlist the help of those who know how to make a movie look irresistible.

In today's commercialized world, having an ad that puts your brand in the spotlight is everything. In the past, it was said people could really only judge a book by its cover.

Except, as we venture further into our rapidly-changing universe, people are now able to catch a sneak peek before premiere day. But, as you might have guessed, this is not always beneficial to the brands.

Allied Integrated Marketing is here to ensure that these brands make their mark on society. To make sure that as many people as possible follow its ads, straight to the cinema chair or to the online box office.

But we're not here to talk about the latest blockbuster. We're here to shine a light on the marketing company behind many of them—Allied Integrated.

What Is Allied Integrated Marketing?

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As I said above, Allied Integrated is here to make sure brands receive the highest profits that they possibly can.

The company serves labels from consumer, to hospitality to entertainment. This firm provides them with integrated marketing services for publicity and promotion. It also specializes in experiential marketing, tour marketing and much more.

What Does Allied Integrated Focus On?

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Its primary focus is on brands within the entertainment industry. It provides a full service, both nationwide and international. Let’s look at some examples.

It recently ran a campaign for the new Mamma Mia movie, by creating an ‘overalls challenge’. It encouraged people to dress up in the iconic overalls and share a photo or video with a particular hashtag.

With the help of the employees at Allied Integrated, the campaign delivered more than 3.6 million social media impressions. Meaning, those individuals were reacting to the challenge online.

But this is how Allied Integrated works—it creates unique campaigns to catch as much attention as possible from the public. It offers clients a diverse choice of creative, entertaining ways of advertising their brand.

It generally takes a very personalized approach by encouraging fans and other people alike to take part. This is not only an ingenious way of capturing people’s attention, but also makes the famous names seem more likable.

A little earlier this year, Allied Integrated had a promotional campaign for the new Pixar sequel, Incredibles 2. Instead of an ordinary promotional tour, it took to nine college campuses across the country—full of students stressed out about exams.

What is the chore that lands last on the to-do list of a college student before finals? Laundry. Laundry is not particularly fun, especially when you're already stressing out.

Allied Integrated wanted to put a fun spin on this, while serving its client with some well-earned publicity. So for a whole day, Allied employees took over the on-campus laundry room, in Incredibles 2 attire.

Employees offered a wash, iron and fold for the students, where a staggering 2000 participated. As the day ran its course, it finished off with pizza, giveaways and a screening of the new movie.

About Allied Integrated

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Allied Integrated Marketing began back in 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts, where its head office is still located.

The company has a network of approximately 23 offices located around the United States and Canada. Allied Integrated proudly states that it has 400 marketing experts divided between the locations.

Allied Integrated's profile reads that it’s proud to have such a diverse team of dedicated employees. It also mentions they are highly motivated and always ready to serve.

It states that, due to this dedicated team, the company has won around 30 awards over the years, providing clients with the best-in-class marketing solutions.

The team reportedly specializes in anything from marketing strategies, to media to publicity. Also promoting multicultural marketing—ensuring the company has a foot in every corner of the business.

Management includes Senior Vice President Ken Langdon and CEO Clint Kendall. Additionally, we have COO Kymn Goldstein, CFO Adam Cinque, and Chief Digital Officer, Adam Cunningham.

In 2011, Allied Integrated became a subsidiary for another company, Terry Hines & Associates, Inc. (THA). THA has been in the business for more than 40 years. It operates similarly to Allied Integrated, except has a broader span of services.

It provides everything from commercials to business cards, but also puts a heavy focus on the cinema industry.

Allied Integrated Annual Income

Although Allied Integrated is a rather small company, the annual revenue is around $16.6 million. However, this is not much in comparison to some of its competitors that bring in three times that number each year. But we'll explore this later in the text.

Allied Integrated Clients

Allied Integrated has an impressive list of clients on its resume.

As I've mentioned earlier, it primarily serves clients throughout the entertainment business. But also some of our favorite consumer brands.

The company has assisted in giving some of today's giants, we all know and love, a generous boost to their marketing strategies. These include Netflix, Amazon, NBC and Sephora. All from the Blue Man Group to Las Vegas' amazing Cirque Du Soleil.







Allied Integrated Competitors

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Allied Integrated isn't the only company supplying the entertainment world with marketing services. One of its biggest competitors is the company, KBS+P.

KBS+P calls itself a digital advertising agency with a focus on social-media integration, product development, and media planning.

It came on the market in 1975, which makes it older than Allied Integrated. KBS+P's annual revenue is also significantly larger than Allied's, reportedly being at around $106.6 million.

KBS+P is a larger company with more employees than Allied, which is probably why it brings in such a significant revenue.

Pros and Cons of Allied Integrated



  • No doubt Allied Integrated can offer its employees a foot into the business of entertainment.
  • There are numerous good reviews, with some praising the company for giving opportunities to advance in position. Others get to attend exciting events with the industry's finest. It is also apparent that it has to make some changes.
  • As I mentioned above, the company's annual income is much lower than that of its competitors. When reading reviews, many allege that this could be due to senior employees who don't ‘pull their own weight’.
  • Some point out that these senior members fail to keep up with current technology and marketing trends. They're allegedly failing to listen to ideas from younger employees. The reviewer suggests this is why the company is falling behind.
  • Others claim that the issue stems from the executives failing to lead the company where it should be going. That they often ignore problems as they occur and decline to do anything about them.


  • No doubt Allied Integrated can offer its employees a foot into the business of entertainment.
  • There are numerous good reviews, with some praising the company for giving opportunities to advance in position. Others get to attend exciting events with the industry's finest. It is also apparent that it has to make some changes.


  • No doubt Allied Integrated can offer its employees a foot into the business of entertainment.
  • There are numerous good reviews, with some praising the company for giving opportunities to advance in position. Others get to attend exciting events with the industry's finest. It is also apparent that it has to make some changes.

More Diversity?

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Although Allied Integrated claims it’s a diverse company, quite a few reviews actually state that the workplace can be very blunt.

One claims that when working on the specific cultural divisions, management often fails to reflect that particular target. This defeats the whole purpose of having different categories in the first place.

Some allege that the company has not hired enough people of color, which again, defeats the diversity claim.

Others write that management often chooses favorites among the employees. These supposedly receive special treatment whereas others may experience scolding for small mistakes.

No Work/Life Balance?

This is probably the second most prevalent complaint to see when looking through reviews. Several write that management expects employees to work overtime. But they won't necessarily receive compensation.

One writes that those who decline to stay overtime would be gossiped about. It states that managers would whisper about those who left on time as though to show they were in the wrong for going home.

Unfair Pay?

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This type of business often requires employees to attend after-hour events. But this is usually included in the pay.

Yet, some employees claim that when working at events, they were working as independent contractors. This means that any money made by working overtime must be repaid to the IRS (internal revenue service).

In turn, employees actually lose money for the extra work they did. Thus bringing us to another complaint, low pay.

Many complain about the low salaries. Several state that the salaries at Allied are much less than the competitive rate. This makes the job seem that less appealing.

Generally, in this type of business, workers are paid a fair amount of money. Apparently though, Allied Integrated fails at this.

Still, even with many poor reviews, most compliment the company for providing satisfactory work experiences. Some of the perks mentioned also include gaining access to premieres and the exclusive chance to see a movie before release date.

Summing It Up

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It is clear that a company such as Allied Integrated helps us, as consumers, feel closer to our favorite entertainment brands. Its approach to incorporating fans and allowing them to receive an authentic experience is truly something which sets it apart from the rest.

What it brings to the table, such as an Incredibles 2-themed laundromat on a college campus, is really one of a kind. Or the Mamma Mia overalls challenge. It only makes the movie more lovable, even for the diehard fans.

These are all the details that make us fall in love again with entertainment. Especially something that gets us off the couch for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Still, in saying all this, the company has a few things to improve within itself. One, in particular, is the low wages, as well as the lack of diversity in the office.

But if these improvements could come through, Allied Integrated would surely bring as much joy to its employees as it does to us fans. Which, in turn, only results in a better workforce that yields more success.

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