Digital marketing is an excellent sector for people seeking new jobs. Employment levels across this niche are steady or rising. Plenty of opportunities are available.

There are many different jobs under the umbrella of digital marketing. Some pay rather highly, while others are more readily available. However, the most important thing may be whether or not you like the tasks required.

This guide will tell you about the top ten digital marketing jobs in 2019. These jobs will be readily available and pay relatively well. Learning about the different options can help you choose the next job that is right for you.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a term for all of the activities that a business does to promote and sell its products and services. Digital marketing refers to those same activities when they are completed through digital channels.

Digital channels include email, search engines, social media and websites. There are also emerging digital markets, such as virtual  reality worlds.

In the modern world, most businesses use some form of digital marketing. For many businesses, this is the primary method of marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing Job

When you start looking for digital marketing jobs, you will discover that there are many different job titles. Some of these are catchy names, such as ‘social media junkie’. However, all of the jobs fall into a few basic categories.

Jobs Related to Content and Messaging

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Many digital marketing jobs are related to creating and spreading content for the business. After all, how are you going to sell things to people if they never hear from you? Digital marketing jobs in this subcategory include jobs in social media, email and newsletter marketing, infographics design and blog writing.

Jobs Related to Websites

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A business’s website is one of its greatest tools. A great website will sell itself. This requires a professional understanding of how to design a website.

Of course, the content marketing team will play a part in the website. They may write the blog posts that go on the site, then promote those through social media. However, there is so much more to a great website than just content.

For example, it is critical to understand search engine marketing and search engine optimization. This underlying use of keywords, meta tags, and other tools drives the visibility of a website. Therefore, there are jobs in web design and analytics that are critical to digital marketing.

Jobs Related to Business Strategy

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A business needs to look at the big picture. This means looking at all the data and ideas compiled by every one of the different team members. Moreover, it means distilling that information and coming up with a strategic plan for sales and growth.

General managers are important for creating the business strategy. The digital marketing manager provides critical insight for the whole team.

Top Ten Digital Marketing Jobs

The ten jobs below have the best 2019 projections. There is ample opportunity on the market and there will be money to be made in these positions.

1. Social Media Marketer

Social media is one of the hottest aspects of digital marketing. Savvy businesses are connecting with their customers across all types of social media channels. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the leading social media tools for businesses.

Some tasks of a social media marketer:

  • Promote company’s blog posts through social media accounts.
  • Use a combination of paid and organic posts on all sites.
  • Connect with customers to answer questions and address issues.
  • Help brand the company by sharing its voice.
  • Direct followers to the company’s sales, promotions, and new products.
  • Collaborate with influencers to grow social media following.
  • Stay abreast of new social media channels and test them out.
  • Make use of hashtags and other social media tools to gain visibility.

Other job titles to look for in this category:

  • Social media expert.
  • Social media coordinator.
  • Social media evaluator.
  • Marketing associate in social media.
  • Direct followers to the company’s sales, promotions, and new products.
  • Collaborate with influencers to grow social media following.
  • Stay abreast of new social media channels and test them out.
  • Make use of hashtags and other social media tools to gain visibility.
  • Community and social editor.

If you are new to the field, you may consider taking a social media internship position. This is a great way to break into a very popular niche of digital marketing.

2. Content Marketer

You have likely heard that “content is king.” It is important for a company to offer useful, digestible, and original content online. Some of the content types include:

  • Blog posts.
  • Online articles.
  • Ebooks.
  • Infographics.

Of course, any blogger can create blog posts, but that doesn’t necessarily make that person a content marketer. Instead, it’s all about the intention of the posts.

In content marketing, the posts have a goal that is relevant to the promotion of the business. It is often linked with a desire to make sales.

For example, a content marketer may create a series of blog posts about taking care of your pet’s health. It’s great that the information is helpful to pet owners. However, the underlying goal is to sell the business’s supplements for pet health.

Content marketing often starts with simple copywriting. However, as you gain experience, you can go far in this career. Many businesses now offer content director positions, which are well-paid leadership positions within the company.

3. Email Marketer

Many people interested in email marketing are concerned that this job is going out of style. Causes for concern are:

  • People use email less frequently than in the past.
  • Social media is a flashy replacement for email communication.
  • Smart users skip emails that look like spam.
  • Spam filters block actual spam from email.

These are certainly valid concerns. However, they miss the point of a modern email marketer. The point isn’t to spam your customers but to engage with them.

Email is still one great tool towards that end and there are still many ways that email marketing is important in a business today. They include:

  • Newsletters can be packed with interesting information.
  • You can offer tips that you don’t share elsewhere online.
  • People like getting sales offers through email.
  • You can follow-up on email communication.
  • Done correctly, email feels more personal than social media.

4. Search Engine Marketer

One of the key ways that people find websites is through search engines, such as Google. Any company that wants to do well will have to know how to get their website to show up in Google’s top search results. Making that happen is the goal of the search engine marketer.

There are several related jobs within this sector. As with social media, the more this niche grows, the more jobs will become available. Look for jobs related to search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

These jobs include entry-level and managerial positions. According to a report from Search Engine Journal, SEO jobs are up by 43 percent, year-over-year. Businesses will continue to expand their budgets for these jobs in 2019.

5. Video Content Marketer

A few short years ago, video marketing fell under one of the two other categories. It was either considered a form of content marketing as a video is, of course, a type of content.

Alternatively, it was the job of the social media marketer because platforms like YouTube are now considered social media.

However, this is such an important part of a company’s marketing strategy today that it really requires specialized knowledge. Businesses are investing a lot of money in these positions because it serves them well.

Digital Marketing Institute reports that there was a 17-percent increase in business use of videos for marketing from 2017 to 2018. Additionally, more than three-quarters of businesses say that video has increased their sales.

6. Digital Analytics Manager

A digital analytics manager helps businesses understand the results of their marketing strategies. One specific subset of the job is web analytics—analyzing website data to figure out strategies for improving traffic. Similarly, social media analytics looks at the results of paid and unpaid social media campaigns.

The digital analytics manager works closely with all other marketing managers and uses data to help team members improve their own campaigns. Therefore, although it’s a numbers-driven job, you also have to be able to work well with people.

7. E-Commerce Marketing Manager

The e-commerce manager is essentially the head of online business transactions. This person is obviously important in any business that does online sales. Here are the tasks that a person in this position is responsible for:

  • Determine which applications are most useful for transactions.
  • Participate in marketing and sales decisions at all levels.
  • Work with web developers to improve sites for business transactions.
  • Design creative methods of upselling to customers.
  • Figure out why customers abandon online carts and adjust sales accordingly.
  • Launch new e-commerce stores, such as one on Facebook.

8. Affiliate Marketing Manager

Affiliate marketing is one way that a company can make money. People join the affiliate program to promote the company’s goods. The affiliate makes a portion of the money, similar to a commission, but the company also profits.

Of course, there is a whole strategy behind affiliate marketing. This includes everything from what percentage to offer affiliates to how to let people know about the affiliate program. An affiliate marketing manager helps determine this strategy.

Sometimes a company will work with existing affiliate networks such as ‘Commission Junction’ or ‘ShareASale’. Other times, the company will create its own separate affiliate network. A smart affiliate marketing manager will be skilled at both methods.

The responsibilities of an affiliate marketing manager are:

  • Recruit affiliates and promote the affiliate program.
  • Nurture and develop the relationships with affiliates.
  • Negotiate rates for affiliate payment, often with a tiered-payment structure.
  • Create marketing copy for affiliates that reflects the brand.
  • Serve as a contact point to deal with any problems affiliates run into.

9. Virtual Reality Marketing Positions

This is a sector that is poised for significant growth. While there are limited jobs in this area right now, it is the area most ready to skyrocket with new positions in the near future. That is because we are on the cusp of a virtual-reality revolution.

New technologies are emerging each day in virtual reality. If you can apply your skills to marketing within these new platforms, then there will be a job waiting for you.

There are so many ways to market using virtual reality. Just a few examples from the real world include:

  • McDonald’s created Happy Meal boxes that become VR goggles.
  • Volvo lets customers test drive a car using virtual reality.
  • The North Face used VR headsets to replicate an outdoors experience.
  • Similarly, Virgin Holidays lets you travel with VR technology.
  • Kaust Museum created a VR souvenir for visitors to take home.

Virtual reality marketing jobs let you really think outside of the box. You get to be on the cutting edge of new and exciting work.

In addition to virtual reality, make sure to consider jobs in augmented reality and mixed reality. These are all different levels of technology that combine a digital world with the real world.

10. Digital Marketing Manager

Are you the type of person who likes to be able to do a little bit of everything? Some people are just naturally better at generalizing than specializing. That is where a digital marketing manager comes in.

This is a person who knows a little bit about all of the other jobs, including social media marketing, email campaigns, search engine optimizations, etc. However, this person may not be an expert in any or all of those fields.

Instead, the individual knows enough to be able to hire and manage the people who are best at those positions. The digital marketing manager can create a complex strategy. More importantly, the manager oversees the many players necessary to complete the tasks involved in executing that strategy.


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Digital marketing jobs are widely available. This is a sector that has been growing for quite some time and isn’t poised to stop anytime soon.

There are many different types of jobs within the sector of digital marketing. They include marketing through social media, content development and distribution, search engine optimization, and more. There are even jobs in emerging markets such as virtual reality marketing.

If you are looking for a job that is hot right now, then look at this sector. Review the different jobs to see which one is best for you. Get the necessary training, and put in those applications.

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