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I have always wanted to venture into entrepreneurship, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to start a business. The options available were also overwhelming. That’s why I decided to carry out some more research on starting a business. Here’s what I found.


Are you confused about how to start your own business? You can begin by writing several things about yourself; this could be what you’re good at or things you like to do during your free time.  That could be something like cooking, solving different problems, fashion, etc. On the next page, list things you’re not good at. For example, you may like interacting with people, but public speaking is not something you’d pursue.

Once done with this list, think of some products or services that would make you happier, efficient, productive, or happier. You also need to think of why you’d want to start a business. Find a connection between your why and what may be missing that you feel you can offer.

Below are some helpful tips on how to decide on a business concept, and some mistakes to avoid to grow a successful business. 

Identifying Business Opportunities

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If you’re stuck on how to start your own business, you may be:

  • Having no business idea
  • Feeling like the idea you have isn’t the right fit
  • Confused if the idea you have will work
  • Struggling to narrow down to one idea

Being in one of the above situations can leave you feeling frustrated. Below are some ways you can quickly identify the best business idea to pursue.

Define What Your Ideal Work Day Looks Like

Understand That There Isn’t a Perfect Idea

Test Your Ideas for Profitability and Fit

Talk to Potential Customers and Clients

Talk to an Expert/ Mentor

Get the Idea Live in the Real World

Mistakes to Avoid

Identifying Business Opportunities

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Some of the errors you need to avoid when turning an idea into a new business include:

Falling in Love with the First Idea

Outsourcing the Testing of Your Ideas

Obsessing Over the Idea at the Expense of a Business Model

Settling for an Idea that no one wants

Biting Off more than you can chew

Choosing an Idea that Doesn’t Stand Out

Confusing Passion and Caring Enough

Final Thoughts

Do you think I want to start my own business but don’t know what to do? We hope the above information will help you come up with a viable business idea. Remember to leverage your skills and experience when deciding on a concept, and don’t forget to validate the idea before implementing it.

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